Rockabilly ain't supposed to be nice music - its a bastard begot of hillbilly simplicity and
r & b vulgarity...

Leaving a trail of grease stained pillows, broken hearts and busted amps in their wake The Greasemarks play desperate 50's rockabilly raw & right! A bassist slapping-out-the-rhythm, while the drummer holds the savage beat; a guitarist not thinkin' much beyond keepin' the chords live, & a young, drunk, explosion of nervous energy up front, barely able to hold the acoustic guitar in his hand as he chokes out the words.

The Greasemarks cut their teeth playing all over Southern Ontario, Quebec and the Northern US. From the Shadow - Guelph's filthiest dive bar - to backyards, basements, clubs & festival stages, making friends where ever they go. They've just joined WILD RECORDS, and are gearing up to take their Nasty Rockabilly Sound international!

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